Making ‘sense’ of cultural ecosystems: Researching the cultural fields using sensory research methods

This course familiarises students with different sensory research methods and trains them to analyse cultural ecosystem.
Led by Emilie Sitzia & Carissa DiCindio

Museum of Memory

Senses, museums and learning; build connections between various bodies of knowledge; engaging museum visitors through the senses
Led by Emilie Sitzia

Who Nose?

Training the sense of smell – How can smell help address different challenges? How might the use smell to inform investigation, and maybe even make it part of the intervention?
Led by Anna Harris

Let’s talk some sense into you…

Introduction to senses-based learning and how it can be used in professional practice
Led by Emilie Sitzia

Sharpening Your Senses

Training the senses for research, professional practice, and personal development
Led by Emilie Sitzia

Tropical Ecology

Practicing plant biology by engaging the body
Led by Roy Erkens

Exploring Senses Cards

In this student Premium project ‘Exploring senses’ students created cards and a training manual for sensory education. Premium Project are interfaculty students collaborations.

Sensing the Past – A workshop in applied sensory archaeology and heritage assessment

Knowledge sharing in sensory approach to the built environment.
Led by: Pamela Jordan and Sara Mura 

Ice breaker – Museum Smells

Led by: Emilie Sitzia

Digital Sensory workshop

Training the senses to use in analysis of museum spaces and assess impact of sensory stimuli on museum audiences.
Led by: Emilie Sitzia.