Museum of Memory

Museum of Memory

By Emilie Sitzia

At Maastricht University

Intended learning outcomes (more on programme level)

Offers perspective on types of museums and the variety of content they can offer. This fits into the BA Arts and Culture as well as MA Arts and Heritage.

Learning objectives (course specific)

  • Learn about the history of senses in the museum
  • Build connections between various bodies of knowledge
  • Memorise better
  • Reinforcement of learning through sensorial preferences and contextualization
  • Constructivist educational approach, importance of (physical) experience on learning processes
  • Experiential learning in museums
  • Strategies of engagement
Objective statement (course description)
Type of course

Content course

Target group

University students

Teaching method

Senses-based learning, problem-based learning



  1. Smell.
  2. Take one minute to remember.
  3. Discuss briefly with your peers.
  4. Write or draw your memory on the post-it.
  5. Display.
  6. Choose one memory and tell the story in as many sensory details as possible while interacting with the smell.

Memories of the Museum

  1. Picture a specific museum in your head.
  2. What does it sound like?
  3. What does it smell like?
Assessment of learning
Additional biblio sources

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