Seeing Normal

Cultivating art of noticing
Led by Anna Harris

Practical Phenomenology

Practice phenomenological approach to user experience and develop phenomenological ‘attitude’
Led by Ike Kamphof

Diary Notations

Template researching Lived Experience, by Phenomenological (self) observation
Led by Ike Kampfhof

Exploring Senses Cards

In this student Premium project ‘Exploring senses’ students created cards and a training manual for sensory education. Premium Project are interfaculty students collaborations.

Sensory maps

Examples of student produced sensory maps

Ice breaker – Home at the museum

Led by: Emilie Sitzia

Ice breaker – Museum Smells

Led by: Emilie Sitzia

Collective observation exercise

Objective statement / Intended effect of the tool: Observing, not interpreting or explaining.
By Ike Kamphof