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By Anna Harris

Sharpening the Senses elective / DIY Medicine Marble course

Objective statement / Intended effect of the tool

Cultivating “art of noticing”


  • Visit to the exhibition Seeing ‘Normal’ at Hae gallery. Follow the prompts and questions in the exhibition. Reflect together in the space or back in the classroom, using course/elective focused questions. In the DIY Medicine course, we will do this with a clinical instructor.
Course specific or not


Target group specific or not

Bachelor students

When do you use it?

Midway through course

Why do you use it?

(Pedagogical approach)

Trains students skills in noticing by attending to the skill of noticing in another profession: medicine; the exhibition is multisensory and deliberately aims to speak beyond vision; it is nearby the Faculty and offers students a fieldtrip with hands-on, tactile elements, that adds a material dimension to the course material.

Additional biblio sources

John Nott & Anna Harris (2023) Teaching the normal and the pathological: educational technologies and the material reproduction of medicine, Science as Culture, DOI: 10.1080/09505431.2023.2171859