Creating Digital Collections I

The course ‘Creating Digital Collections’ will introduce you to a new skill: 3D digitisation and modelling to present and disseminate material culture.
Led by: Dr Costas Papadopolous & Dr Susan Schreibman

Ice breaker – Home at the museum

Led by: Emilie Sitzia

Ice breaker – Museum Smells

Led by: Emilie Sitzia

Digital Sensory workshop

Training the senses to use in analysis of museum spaces and assess impact of sensory stimuli on museum audiences.
Led by: Emilie Sitzia.

Knowing by Sensing

Learning objectives: Students are familiar with the most important concepts and elements in the history of the senses in modern and early modern Europe (1500-now).
Students will learn to enlarge their sensory vocabulary and reflect on the sensory perception by means of a sense-log.

Bodies, Spaces, Performances

Learning objectives: Graduate learning outcomes in this course focus on learner skills in four general areas (1. Knowledge and Thinking, 2. Conceptual and Creative Activity, 3. Communication & Literacy, 4. Capacity for Autonomy & Leadership
Led by: Mark Lipton

Anthropology of Sound

Learning objectives: This course is designed to sensitize students to the often-forgotten presence of sounds in everyday life. More than just a phenomenological account of sound, the course proposes to consider all sound-related dimensions (noise, music, voice, silence, etc.) as significant elements of research and analysis.
Led by: Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier

African American History and the Five Senses

This is a month long unit that ties African-American history month with the five senses. For each week of African-American History month, the class studies one of the five senses with one area of African-American History.
Led by: Kate Johnson

The Body as a Score

Learning objectives: How to make and read different kinds of scores using your body and voice.
Led by: Yun Ingrid Lee & Karina Dukalska

Staging an Ordinary Day

Learning objectives: Explore and note one’s own detailed observations of theatrical events in everyday life.
Led by: Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen