Creating Digital Collections I

The course ‘Creating Digital Collections’ will introduce you to a new skill: 3D digitisation and modelling to present and disseminate material culture.
Led by: Dr Costas Papadopolous & Dr Susan Schreibman

The senses in the museum and theater: presentation theory and strategies

Students will be asked to read and criticize 2000 years of thought on cognition and proprioception of the multisensory aspects of art and performance. Visits to the Yale museums – Yale University Art Gallery, Center for British Art, Peabody, and Musical Instruments – as well as special exhibitions at Yale and elsewhere will focus on how objects and their presentation appeal to the senses.
Led by: Frederick John Lamp

Later Imperial China: A Sensory History

The course is devoted to helping students understand how to creatively and rigorously interpret its primary documents (including texts, artifacts, and, where possible, sensations) alongside the best of recent historical writing about Chinese history.
Led by: Carla Nappi

Knowing by Sensing

Learning objectives: Students are familiar with the most important concepts and elements in the history of the senses in modern and early modern Europe (1500-now).
Students will learn to enlarge their sensory vocabulary and reflect on the sensory perception by means of a sense-log.

Bodies, Spaces, Performances

Learning objectives: Graduate learning outcomes in this course focus on learner skills in four general areas (1. Knowledge and Thinking, 2. Conceptual and Creative Activity, 3. Communication & Literacy, 4. Capacity for Autonomy & Leadership
Led by: Mark Lipton

Anthropology of Sound

Learning objectives: This course is designed to sensitize students to the often-forgotten presence of sounds in everyday life. More than just a phenomenological account of sound, the course proposes to consider all sound-related dimensions (noise, music, voice, silence, etc.) as significant elements of research and analysis.
Led by: Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier

Altman Seminar: Sensory Knowledge

Learning objectives: Cell phones, iPads, smart phones, computers, and use of the Internet impede active participation in class discussion and their use is prohibited in class unless otherwise directed by your professors.
Led by:
Charles Victor Ganelin & Elisabeth Hodges

African American History and the Five Senses

This is a month long unit that ties African-American history month with the five senses. For each week of African-American History month, the class studies one of the five senses with one area of African-American History.
Led by: Kate Johnson