Staging an Ordinary Day

Staging an Ordinary Day

1 May, 2019

Led by:

  • Sander Breure – artist; research about body language and its interpretation.
  • Witte van Hulzen – artist.
Intended learning outcomes (more on programme level)

Part of Marres’ Workshops ‘Training the Senses’.

Learning objectives (course specific)

Explore and note one’s own detailed observations of theatrical events in everyday life.

Objective statement (course description)

What is an everyday experience? Can it be grasped into text or theater? The artist duo Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen will give a presentation about their performance at Utrecht Central Station titled How can we know the dancer from the dance?. This presentation will provide a short training for participants to go outside and make their own detailed observations of theatrical events in everyday life. The results of these observations, in text, video and performances, will be shared afterwards.

Type of course :

extracurricular course

Target group :

general audience

Teaching method:




  • To film what you see – walk around the town and film what catches your attention playing with perspectives – from atop a ladder, crouched down, etc.
  • To write what you see – observe the people around you in town and write about what they’re doing
  • To perform what you observe – go back to the space where the training is being held and first show what you filmed, then read what you wrote and then act out the scenes that you saw.
Assessment of learning : N/A
Effect (witness account, evaluation of the course)
Additional biblio sources (available at Marres)

  • The footage recorded by the participants were projected for everyone to see; the writings were read outloud.