Sharpening Your Senses

Training the senses for research, professional practice, and personal development
Led by Emilie Sitzia

Tropical Ecology

Practicing plant biology by engaging the body
Led by Roy Erkens

Listening as Intervention

In this workshop Davide Tidoni, together with dancer Simone Evangelisti, will invite participants to explore and investigate their own capacity to touch, filter, absorb, and block sound when realizing the performative potential of the scores. Through guided sequences and improvisational moments, participants will experiment in new ways to approach sound and listening as resources for developing movement and body awareness.
Led by Davide Tidoni and Simone Evangelisti

Sensory maps

Examples of student produced sensory maps

Sensing the Past – A workshop in applied sensory archaeology and heritage assessment

Knowledge sharing in sensory approach to the built environment.
Led by: Pamela Jordan and Sara Mura 

Bodies, Spaces, Performances

Learning objectives: Graduate learning outcomes in this course focus on learner skills in four general areas (1. Knowledge and Thinking, 2. Conceptual and Creative Activity, 3. Communication & Literacy, 4. Capacity for Autonomy & Leadership
Led by: Mark Lipton

The Body as a Score

Learning objectives: How to make and read different kinds of scores using your body and voice.
Led by: Yun Ingrid Lee & Karina Dukalska

Social Distancing

Learning objectives: Explore our codes of physical behavior: how near can we come to another body? Where are we allowed to touch? And how do we read the body language of others?
Led by: Suze Milius & Maribel Ortega