Teaching Sensory Anthropology

Introduction to sensory anthropology – Have an understanding of how sensory awareness is put into practice by researchers in order to solve challenges of presentation and representation.
Led by: Paula Serafini

Staging an Ordinary Day

Learning objectives: Explore and note one’s own detailed observations of theatrical events in everyday life.
Led by: Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen

Social Distancing

Learning objectives: Explore our codes of physical behavior: how near can we come to another body? Where are we allowed to touch? And how do we read the body language of others?
Led by: Suze Milius & Maribel Ortega

Modes of Imagination

Learning objectives (course specific): Use the phenomenology and neurophysiology of aesthetic experience, to see how the senses, emotion, and imagination together animate the mind.
Led by: Roel Heremans & Louis Schreel.

Beyond Taste

Learning objectives: Explore the boundaries of taste.
Led by: Katja Gruijters