Caro Verbeek

Professor of sensory history at Vrije Universiteit and Curator at Kunstmuseum

Sensory education expert (developed several courses on and through the senses including ‘Knowing by Sensing’ at VU, ‘the other senses’ at KABK, the ‘multisensory gaze’ at Rijksmuseum and ‘Big questions in the senses’ at AUC Founder and advisor of ‘Odeuropa’ Curator olfactory Mondrian and De Stijl (especially musical and kinaesthetic aspects) Olfactory tours Rhythm tours Olfactory reconstructions / olfactory heritage Founder of the first Dutch Scent Culture Program (Odorama at Mediamatic) PhD in olfactory museology and olfactory Futurism MA in olfactory art MA in tactile art Experienced Moderator